Meet Sharon

Welcome to my web site.  I am self taught in a variety of mediums and art forms.  However I do have to credit numerous artists (Carol Spohn, Carol Nelson, Kelly Hoernig, Janel Johnson, Cecile Baird,  Alyona Nickelsen, Susan Bourdet and Arlene Linton to name just a few) that I have studied with to increase my knowledge and skill level.


  A love of nature influences my art in both the subject matter and use of materials to create it.  I have used acrylics, watercolors and color pencils in trying to capture it’s beauty.  

 has also allowed me to share my love of nature.  My most recent venture in the world of art led me to acrylic mixed media  


After a busy 2018 season, I'm settling in for the upcoming winter months and creating  new works.   I look forward to implementing some  new ideas.

My "2019 Event Calendar" will be updated as I book new shows early next year.

In the meantime my art is available at my in-home gallery in Ramsey, MN and at Studio 107 in Elk River, MN. You can schedule a visit by contacting me at 

763-441-7800 or @